How to Write a Post-Grad Essay

Writing an essay can be a really difficult task and one that is challenging to even just start. Here I hope to share some tips that I learnt that really helped me with my essays in grad school.

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Post-Graduate Tips: What I wish I knew when I first started my Masters

Choosing to pursue a postgraduate education is a big step and can be very overwhelming. I would say it took me about two months into my postgrad for my heart to stop racing and to be able to let it sink in. Along the way, over the past year I have learnt many things and devised different habits and skills to keep up with the never-ending reading and writing that the student-life entails. In this blog post, I hope to share with you the things I wish I knew when I first started my postgrad.

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Home has always been a difficult concept. I grew up in the West, during my childhood I remember getting annoyed when my parents called Libya home. I remember them speaking of “when we are going to go home” and get really annoyed, Canada was home. We were Canadian. I remember when we finally “went home” and I was upset, our relatives would say to me “you were eventually going to come home, how long were you intending to stay abroad?”

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I have not written in a long time, a little over a year now. Throughout the day so many ideas and thoughts come to mind which I promise myself I will write about. However, like what happens when you drop any hobby, getting back on the horse is the most difficult part. After a year […]

Do you ever ask yourself who you are?

Every day I find myself asking that question and most of the time being unable to find an answer, hence concluding that maybe I don’t know myself well enough.

When I was twenty I travelled alone for the first time, I went to the Washington DC to spend six weeks there on an exchange program. I remember thinking to myself that this is my chance to see who I am far away from anything familiar that defines or influences me. I was very eager to see how I would withstand the test of just being me alone and far away, I was excited to discover myself. I learnt a lot from the experience, a lot about me unfiltered, uninfluenced and raw.

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“A poem begins with a lump in the throat; a homesickness or a love sickness. It is a reaching-out toward expression; an effort to find fulfillment. A complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” – Robert Frost

مساحات عامة

لدينا أزمة… أو بالأحرى لدينا أزمات عديدة ولكن هنا أريد الحديث عن أزمة إجتماعية لا أعرف من أين بدأت ولكن لم تعالج حتى يومنا هذا، وهي نقص أو عدم وجود مساحات عامة في ليبيا. أنا متأكدة أن البعض يقرءون هذه الكلمات وفي أذهايهم الحرب في بنغازي وأحداث الأمس في تاجوراء وفشلوم ولكن ما ننساه أن الكثير من هذه المشاكل الضخمة لها أصل وعلينا البدأ من مكان ما في العلاج وهنا أقترح خط البداية الذي ربما سيساهم في طريقنا إلى السلام

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